FrameMeSo, FrameMe is my first attempt at programming for android. Well, my first attempt at java as well. Regardless, I am pleased with the outcome and hope you will be also. As a father of four, I always like keeping a photo of my kids handy. The gallery is nice, but not for a quick, “Have you seen my daughter recently” situation. So I went to the market… Surprisingly I didn’t find much. At least not much that did what I wanted. So, here is what I wanted and what I currently have.


  • 1×1, 1×2, 2×1, 2×2 Widgets
  • Full screen image when clicked
  • multiple widgets supported
  • Selectable picture frames
  • Crop image when selecting
  • Full widget preview on your background during configuration
  • Click on one widget – Fling to the others
  • Click on widget and fling through images in user selected directory
  • Timed rotation of widget image in directory mode
  • Reconfigure existing widgets


Current Frames:

Basic Black Basic White HTC Sense Black Chrome Wood #1 Wood #2 Wood #3 Red Heart #1 Red Heart #2 Elegant Edge Rustic Edge Rust Oval Rusty Wall Ball Pit Crayons Hunter #1 Hunter #2 Gold Formal #1 Silver #1 Silver Formal #1 Corks


  • Test it out and let me know if you find something else.


  • Add additional frames
  • Add better support for hdpi devices. Need something to test with though.
QR Code

FrameMe Market Link

As you can see it is pretty simple and straight forward. For me, it also does the job well. I have other ideas for it, feature wise as well as new frames. I am hoping to have time to implement them. However, I do have four kids so we will see. If there is interest, I might throw it into the market as well. For now, you can download it from the market or scan the QRCode to the left.

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  3. Les Young says:

    I recently got your FrameMe app for my Droid X. I also have launcher pro plus. The widget is fine, till I resize it. When I reboot, theres an error msg…So I go to reapply it, but its not listed in the widget list. It also doesn’t appear in my app drawer! I have to uninstall and reinstall. Maybe its a LP issue… Just thought I’d let you know.

    • PhilD41 says:

      I appreciate you letting me know. I have not hear of this problem before, but will keep it on my list. I don’t have the “pro” version of Launcher Plus so I have never tried resizing it. I am not sure why that would change the widget list though.

  4. jo says:

    Hi ive purchased thus from the market tried downloading it and opening it several time but wont work please help thanks

    • PhilD41 says:

      Sorry for missing this comment Jo, if you are still having problems, please email me with the details. I will do what I can to help.

  5. Neversian says:

    Hi just updated the newest ver. is there a way to hide the icon from the apps menu?


    • PhilD41 says:

      Currently there is not. I know some alternate launchers such as ADW or LauncherPro give you that option. Eventually I am wanting to use the launcher app as a way to edit created widgets. It will be a ways off though. I will do some searching and see if there is an easy way to allow the removal of the icon from the launcher. Until then, I am sorry. I have had many people email that they could not find it once installed. This was an attempt to solve that.

  6. Ed says:

    FrameMe is the closest thing I’ve found to my need. Your description says, single click to full screen. But that didn’t work for me. close… it was big but it wasn’t edge to edge. And I want it to display the source full image, not the cropped image. Possible?

  7. Mike says:

    Hiya, I wanted to say thanks for the great app! It’s by far the closest widget to the HTC sliding gallery and it works extremely well. The only issue I’ve had whilst using it is that it sometimes rotates my photos, I guess because of their shape. Would it be possible to add an option to disable the landscape detection/rotation?

    The only other suggestion I have to offer for the app would be to add some graphical sugar to it. The simplest thing I can think of would be to have the entire screen dim slightly and then the pictures float on top of it, rather than in their current full screen-sized frame with the grey background. The dimmed transparent background should make the user aware they’re in a different mode, without them feeling like they’re in a completely separate app away from their home screen…

    I look forward to seeing this app getting better and better, keep up the great work!

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